Saturday, November 03, 2007


I stole this idea from Brittany.
5 loads of laundry I have done today
9 loads left to be done
1 child at a birthday party
75 dollars, amount I spend each week on gasoline
30 minutes since I called my dentist, begging for pain meds
3 children asleep on the couch
800 mgs of ibuprofen I have taken in vain
16 times I have answered the phone today
2 children outside playing
14 conversations with myself about whether or not the pain in my teeth is actually teeth related, or a sinus infection
5 trips in the suburban to drop off or pick up kids
3 calls from hubby urging me to "hang in there"
1 child at a football game
4 1/2 gallons of milk we drink in a week
2,145 pieces of candy left from Halloween
879 how many times I've said today, "If you ask me for another piece of candy, it's all going in the TRASH!!!"


Living My Dream said...

Now how in the world do you get away with only 4 1/2 gallons of milk for the week? :) We just went through that TODAY! Hope you feel better soon and get the tooth taken care of. Dare I say, "Hang in there"????


Awesome Mom said...

I hope your tooth feels better soon! We go through maybe three gallons of milk in a week but I know once I get a few teenagers in the house that will change.

Brittany said...

Yuck on the teeth. And as for the milk, Matt's parents started buying (and labeling) a gallon a week per person. When it was gone, it was gone - but that was still ELEVEN gallons of milk a week. Sick.