Thursday, November 01, 2007

Car conversations....

Me: Ok, let's go to the store!

3 year old daughter: Ok, Mama.
(she calls me Mama. and don't think that I don't melt every time she says it, because I do...)

3 yo: Mama? Are we going to shop in Sam's Club?

Me: No, sweetie, we are just going to drop off our film at Sam's. Then we're going to go to the Commissary to shop for food, then we'll drop off these clothes to Goodwill, and then we'll go back to Sam's to pick up our pictures.

3 yo: Mama? Are we going to go home after?

Me: Yes, baby, we will.

3 yo: Well, that's good! Because, I'm pretty sure I'll be tired after doing all of that...

Amen, sister.


Dan & Sharon's Family said...

This is so sweet and yes, being called Mama is a tender thing. What a doll she is!

Calamity Jane said...

I love having the company of a 3 year old, they don't fight getting in the car seat and say such charming things. Cute!

Mad Madame Mim said...

Holy Cow, I miss that cute little girl.

Thanks so much for all your comments. They mean a lot to me. Sorry I never get around to returning the favor, but I will from now on!

I love you.

Anne/kq said...