Friday, March 29, 2013

car conversations...

Coop: "Mom, can you please zip up my hoodie before I get out?"

Me: (in a British accent) "Indeed. It would give me great pleasure."

Coop: "Eeeeuuw...never mind. Why do you talk all weird?"

So basically my 7 year old is more mature than I am.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

office/craft room re-do

 I will apologize first thing for not having better "before" photos. To help fill in the blanks, the old desk area was made with kitchen counter tops in an L shape, and the pegboard and shelf were on the short wall where the desk area is now located. The floors were carpeted, and the walls were painted in Restoration Hardware Silver Sage. The built in shelves were, as you can see, too cluttered and full.
 This is our new desk/computer area. The counter tops are solid birch counters that we got from IKEA. They were clearance priced so we got two 8 foot sections for $62 a piece. (I know. Pinch me because I must be dreaming.) The Hubby cut them to fit and stained them a honey color, and then poly-ed them as well. The white cabinets were from the previous configuration, but as you can see we added 
bead board to the sides of the cabinets to pretty it up and hide cords. 
The floors were the most time consuming part of the job.
The lamp was a lucky find--brand new at Goodwill for $8.99.
 This is my ever so pretty crafting space. The table was the other piece of counter from IKEA, cut to 7 feet. Yes, I just said 7 feet. All that delicious work space. I tried in vain to find an old table while thrifting to use as the legs, but in the end we bought these at Lowe's, for $22 a piece. Which, honestly, in the end I was glad because I wanted it to be counter height...I so prefer to stand while wrapping and crafting. The Hubby built the frame and supports for it, and then painted it out with the same white on the walls (Crisp Linen White). The pegboard was in the room before, we just painted it again and framed it to give it a more finished look. Big fat cat taking over your fabric basket: totally optional.
 This is where I am at on the built in shelving. I am forever tweaking this area, and never feeling quite "finished." The nice thing about that is nobody really cares but me. I do love how much less "stuff" is in there, much more open and airy.
 This little baby love is my mostest favorite, to quote my kids. I may have hugged her. Okay, I did. Don't judge! I found her sitting at the thrift store, just waiting for me. I had been looking for something that would offer lots of filing room without taking up floor space (which, when covered, quickly swallows up a small room like this, and why would I want to cover up my sweet new wood floors?) And I wanted something that would not take away from the character I was trying to bring in...and then the lights came up and the angels started singing and I saw her. Best part? $15. Just so very the best thing in the history of ever.
 Just a few more views and also I have to point out my second mostest favorite thing, the silver engraved award that was my jumping off point for this room. I found it at the thrift shop and had no rhyme or reason to why, but I fell in love and instantly "saw" the room in my head with it sitting on the shelf like that. 
From that, I saw the colors and the whole entire room in my head, almost exactly how you see it in these pictures. No idea why. Just did. The pocket thing hanging off the shelf is a jewelry holder that I found at Home Goods a while back, and the silver serving tray was another Goodwill find.
 I am learning that in most spaces, but most definitely in smaller spaces, the details matter. I took the time to layout the room in a way that is pleasing to the eye, but also very functional and keeps things out where I can get ideas and also remember what I have to work with. Using all the space available without cluttering the room too much was key for me. I took the wrapping ribbon I have and used a small tension rod to "hide" them in between the work table's legs, but still keeping them super easy to see and access. The floor vent was totally worth the $20 it cost, because that wall is nothing but window and floors and it gives it just that little "something". It is like the floor is wearing a pretty brooch. Which she should.
The curtains, by the way, were IKEA and I am so lazy I haven't even hemmed them yet...just pinned them for now to see how I like the length.

I went with white on the walls and a very muted color palette...because in my opinion, when you are crafting and doing artsy type projects, the less stimulus from around you, the better. I completely understand that others may like bright, vivid surroundings as they scrapbook and craft and such. It is totally personal. 
For me, it clears my mind and calms me down to have very little contrast and also doesn't make whatever I am working on have to compete with everything around the room.

I still have a few things on my "To Do" list. I want to find a work stool for the table. I am thinking metal, and no back since I will want to tuck it under the table and keep the room open when it's not being used. I will keep checking the thrift stores, because you never know! But I wouldn't mind finding something more expensive if it is something I love. I also have plans for big wooden cubby boxes in the same honey as the counter tops which The Hubby will do when he has recovered from all the other stuff he has done, and will go next to the shelving. :)

Big, huge, thank you to my dear daughter, Bri...
for taking these pictures for me and for in general just being way awesome.