Sunday, July 07, 2013

thrifting finds..

Thrifting was good to me the past few weekends. I found these really amazing canvas-like paintings, above. They were in pretty much perfect condition with the exception of some slight flaws at the top of one of the frames. When I saw these, I thought, "Man! These are way nice for a garage sale." Then, of course, because I am a sucker for things to hang on walls AND The Hubby and I's room has sort of taken on a castle theme (completely unintentional, but there it is), I asked the gal how much. 

She said, "Oh, gosh...I don't know? Like, a dollar each?" 

To which I replied, "ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME???" in my head, and "Oh, well...I can handle that, I guess..." out loud. Ahem. I then proceeded to pay her the $2 and then run like the wind in case she changed her mind.

I also got a gorgeous old black typewriter for $15 that will find it's place on top of this pretty little girl....


This one wasn't a huge "find" as far as price, but she is in terrific shape and is exactly what I have been looking for to put in our family room. I have been slaving over her this weekend, and now she is just hanging out in the garage until her paint job cures and I can bring her in and dress her up. I lined her drawers, here is a sneak peek of her awesomeness:

I will post more pictures of her when she finally takes her place in our home, and looks all settled in and lovely. 

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Emily said...

AH! Castles from Ireland! You definitely cannot go wrong with that! :)