Thursday, July 18, 2013

25 things, 4 years later.

Recently I read on Momastery's blog where she took the little 25 random things that was making it's way across the interwebs several years ago, and she updated hers and remarked on what had changed and what had stayed the same. I thought, "Hey, I did one of those, I wonder how different my answers would be today?"

So, here it is:

My 25: 

First answers, in black: 2009
Second answers, in blue: 2013

1. I don't eat breakfast. And on the rare occasions I do, it's always eggs benedict. 
       Not so much anymore. I eat breakfast every day, part of my being healthier and losing 70 pounds so far. However--I still adore Eggs Benedict.

2. I read over 60 books a year. This is not a's a compulsion, and I probably need help. 
     After a 3 year job with the youth in my church, and then beginning to work outside of the home, I am
nowhere near that total these days.

3. My mom has been dead for over 20 years, and still sometimes on her birthday I have to remind myself that I don't need to get her a card. 
      I think I have finally gotten to the point that I don't think of her on her birthday anymore. That thought sure makes me sad.

4. I despise the term "hot" when it refers to a person's attractiveness. I still find myself saying it. 

5. When I am shopping for groceries, I hyper focus. People I know have had to come up to me and grab my arm to get my attention, because I didn't hear them calling my name. 
      Still so absolutely true.

6. I miss my inlaws. I wish they lived here. 
     Also still true. 

7. Nearly every morning, I wake up at 3 am. About half the time, I don't fall back asleep. 
     Thank goodness, not so much these days. I still get the insomnia from time to time, but not as regularly.

8. I would rather have a cook than a maid. 
     Amen, 2009 self, A-to-the-men.

9. I never feel like part of the group. 
     Still kind of there. 

10. I don't understand women that insult and criticize their husbands to their friends. It's like a sport with nothing but losers. Yuck. 
     This will always be true. Even after I am dead, this will still be true.

11. I have been known to cry when I clean. My best guess is that it's cathartic. 
      Well, I don't clean much anymore, so I don't cry much anymore while doing it. Win/win, am I right??

12. During my formative years, I lived across the street from a cemetary. 
      That has clearly changed. I now lived across the street from an ice cream factory. Bu dum bump.

13. I could eat pasta every single day. 
       I still COULD eat pasta every day...the difference now is that I CHOOSE NOT TO.

14. I love that when I randomly quote something from a movie or TV, my husband totally gets it. 
       A fantastic quality in a man, indeed.

15. I like suburban life. It may be a bit trite and expected and boring, but I still like it. 
       Strike that. Love it. Love.

16. I am not a hugger. 
        Shockingly (NOT) still true.

17. For most of my life, I talked incessantly. Now I really only do that with a few people. 
        This remains a side of me that I have learned to live with. As have those few people, apparently.

18. My garage is currently so full of stuff that needs to be taken somewhere else, only one car can park in there. It drives. me. INSANE. 
        We can park in there! And it didn't take 4 years! Well, not the whole 4 years. I kill myself!

19. I romanticize the WWII era, and always think I would have fit in there. 
        Still so very much true.

20. If I can possibly avoid it, I don't drive in the snow. 
        It still bothers me, but apart from moving, what's a woman to do?

21. I am doing a project right now where I take a photo a day for a year. I am putting them in a photo album with journaling and other things. I am loving the results. 
       Yeah. I think that made it for about half of the year and then I gave up. I am grateful for the ones I did take.

22. My husband has to mop the floors, because I won't do it. 
        Um. I have a man that does floors. Duh. Like I am ever going to do them with that kind of awesome walking around.

23. There are some books that I read over and over again. It's like visiting an old friend. 
        Forever this. I just read Tuck Everlasting and I was 12 all over again.

24. I haven't shopped for clothes for myself in over a year. 
       Not true anymore. After losing so much weight, I had to pretty much get rid of everything and then slowly replenish.

25. Cruises scare me, and I don't think I will ever go on one. 
       Will. Not. Ever. People just "disappear" off of those...I will not be one of them. Take that, Cruises!

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