Monday, July 15, 2013

dresser re-do...

This is one of my most favorite projects ever. Mostly because it went a bit differently than other projects I usually do, and I am spectacularly thrilled with the results. 

 I found this dresser at Goodwill, and paid more than has ever been paid for any item that has ever been at any Goodwill in the Entire Universe since the Dawn Of Time or Maybe Even Longer. Ahem. It felt that way. With our military discount (yes, Goodwill has a military discount!) it was $64.00. Again, for a cheapo like me, pretty extravagant for a "thrift store" piece. but it was in terrific shape and all of the drawers and hardware were there and functioning. I wanted a re-do, not a re-build, so this was pretty close to perfect.
 I pulled all of the drawers out to begin sanding and painting, and realized as I did that the fronts were in SUCH good shape it would be a pity to paint them. I had admired two-toned pieces for a while on Pinterest, and I have done two-toned on the tables in our office, and as soon as I thought about it, I realized that was how she should be finished. So all I did for those was take off the handles and waxed the wood really well. I sanded and painted the body of the dresser, with a leftover semi-gloss paint that was used in the office. Then I decided to do something that is completely and totally out of character for me...I decided to be patient. I actually let this sit for several days and thought about it. 
Not my normal "Igotthisandnowitmustbedoneandinmyhousebeforethestrokeofmidnight" 
way of being. Then after waiting a day or so, I remembered the wonderful wrapping papers I had (both from Home Goods) and decided to Mod Podge them into the drawers. Love. And yes, Judgey McCriticals, I used 2 different kinds of paper for the same piece, because I couldn't make up my mind and they were both lovely. 
Then, in the waiting process, I started thinking about how the handles really didn't "do" anything for the dresser. In fact, you barely even notice them in the above picture. They certainly didn't stand out. That is when I found The Reposture Blog ofAwesomeness, where she has posted a terrific re-do of a piece that was so much like what I wanted, and she had used Rub 'n Buff on her handles. And I saw that they were A Thing Of Beauty, and I wept. And ran to Hobby Lobby for some of that stuff and a brush. She gives a great tutorial on her post, so I won't go into detail, but I can tell you it was super SUPER easy, and you really only need the teeny, tiniest bit of the stuff...I think I used a pea sized amount for all 13 handles. What I love the most is that it is a natural, already worn type of finish (although you could certainly add more and have it be not-so-worn) rather than what I would have gotten with a spray paint or any other medium I could think of. 

Now the handles look like pretty jewelry, and who doesn't like jewelry?

Here she is all dressed up, filled up, and in her new home. I still have to decide if I want to put in more by way of decoration, and I have to make a cord cover sleeve, because if I don't, the sight of those cords will eventually drive me stark, raving mad. 
But, I am so pleased with the way she turned out.

Dresser: $64.00
Paint: free
Sand paper and caulk: free
Rub 'n Buff: $4.99
Brush: $2
Furniture wax: free

total for project:  $70.99

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Kara said...

Wow. So lovely! Great job, Talitha!