Wednesday, July 02, 2008

6 Reasons why I think I will stick with exercising this time...

1. I have already made it longer than any other time I have started. Do not ask me how long that is, because I am too ashamed to admit it.

2. I can already feel the difference. I increased my speed and duration quite a bit within the first week, and that was really motivating.

3. I am doing it with a friend, which is pretty much 45 minutes of free therapy.

4. By doing it with said friend, there is the whole "I can't ditch this morning because Julie is waiting for my sorry butt" factor.

5. I no longer have to feel bad thinking about my sister-in-law (who runs marathons) saying, "I just love how everyone in this family has fitness goals!" Because now I do, too.

6. Children are not allowed anywhere near me during this time. I shouldn't have to explain this reason. In fact, it really should count as 2 reasons. Some days, 3.


Mean Mommy said...

Ha. That's awesome. Good for you!

#6 is all the reason I need. Good thing my gym has $6/hour (for 3 kids) babysitting.

Living My Dream said...

Yeah for you!!! Now when we get those smokin' hot bods we used to have back we can plan a REAL run away trip and maybe even take the men! hehe!!!

I love the thought that someone is waiting for me in the mornings too because I could find a million reasons to stay in bed. And when the kids ask me if they can go I just tell them if they want me to like them when I get back, they better give me this time to rest my weary mind! lol... hehe.

Good for you! Keep it up. We can do this, we CAN do this!

Counting down the days till school starts... SLC here we come!


Living My Dream said...
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Brittany said...

Good for you! Keep us posted on what I'm sure will be much success.

Buff said...

That's awesome...if we lived closer I would come too.