Friday, August 31, 2007

Do you ever feel...

totally stupid?

There are days when I just sit and think about everything I don't know.

  • how to grind wheat
  • what all the settings do on my camera
  • quantum physics
  • Barack Obama's position on illegal immigration
  • where my tweezers are
  • my kids' orthodontist's first name (I think it starts with a "T")
  • how much a postage stamp costs
  • the occupations of pretty much every one of my friend's husbands
  • why milk is so flippin' expensive
  • how many miles I still have left after my gas gauge reads "empty"
  • whether or not there is mustard in our food storage
  • who the president of our PTO is
  • how to take apart my dvd player
  • what purpose the "Farmer's Almanac" serves
  • when my entertainment book coupons expire
  • what my point was starting this post to begin with...


Awesome Mom said...

You know I don't know a lot of those things either. You do know a lot of things though so do not despair. Eventually you will know everything.

so grateful to be Mormon! said...

ah this was funny what you wrote here.

i also think i felt so stupid when i was driving the motorhome away from nevada on our summer roadtrip. it was 120 degrees and the radiator was acting up, so we had to run the heater to keep fluids circulating. i feel so stupid and hard to think during this about 2 hour stint of driving. when the radiator started acting normal again and we could turn the heater off (still 120 out), i didn't feel stupid anymore. thankful that i don't normally feel that way.

silly post girl, kathleen

Calamity Jane said...

Just today, I was trying to spell the word "12th" I then realized that perhaps was a bit stupid in the spelling department. I am so glad that I was saved for the latter days, I am sure I wasn't as noble as the others, I was just waiting for spell check...