Saturday, October 18, 2008

in case I forget to tell you, #1...

[very long preamble starts now:

Sometimes, when given moments to ponder and reflect, I think of life lessons that I have been taught. The reminders of those lessons sometimes wander into my thoughts at quiet moments--while folding laundry, or at 3 am holding a sick and restless child, or in between pick ups and drop offs to pre-school and intramurals...even as I grocery shop for the month.

Often in the last few months, it has occurred to me that I may never have "the moment" when I can share what I have discovered with my children. And this just stressed me right out. So, from time to time as my brain reminds me, I am going to share things here that I hope to tell my children, but worry that I won't.]

Children, never let knowledge become more important than people. Never find joy or accomplishment in being the smartest person in the room. And, if you think you are the smartest person in the room, you probably need to get to know the people in the room better. There is no person that you can't learn from. And you will find that as you grow older, what you know seems to grow smaller. Life is humbling that way.

It's true that knowledge is power, and my wish is that you will never wield that power carelessly. Knowing something about someone is a responsibility. Take it seriously. You will probably know about me that I have little to no tolerance for gossip. There are few things with more potential to destroy and harm. Gossip may or may not be true, which is all the more reason to avoid it. And let me just say this: just because something is true, does not mean it should be talked about.

When you are considering sharing knowledge, always consider why you are sharing it. Who is it serving to share it? Is it to benefit someone else or is it just to show how much I know? Always consider that we learn what we learn when we need to learn it...and allow those around you to learn at their own pace. Think of how patient God is with us, and it will help you should you feel impatient with others.

love, mom


Lisa (Funny Farmer) said...

Excellent points. Can I borrow this?

MKL said...

Permission to link this as well, too :)?

happy mommy said...

Awww, go on.

Please use it if you want to.

Elaine said...

What a powerful thoughts...I think this is wonderful that you wrote this down and can share it with your children...and Us :)

I love the way you write...and enjoy reading your thoughts..

Jamie said...

Love it- you are a smart mommy.
More importantly, do you really grocery shop for the whole month? How? I need that knowledge :)

~pollyanna said...

thanks for the reminder... I have shared with my kids too... they sure can learn a lot from other parents!