Thursday, June 13, 2013

small and simple reminders...

This small and simple reminder is the lyrics to one of my most favorite songs, called "When You Come Home" by Mark Schultz. To me, it expresses how I feel about my children...and how I hope they feel about mom and dad and the place that we have created for us and for them.

I found a free chalkboard background on Pinterest, you could try this one: free chalkboard backgrounds

Then I saved it on my computer, then cropped it as a 11x14 photo on Pic Monkey Photo Editing Website of Awesomeness, to which I added the text and some flourishes. I just played around with the different fonts and layout until I liked what I saw. Then I sent it over to Costco, had it printed crazy fast, and then rushed home and hung that bad boy right up. I am not going to lie, I get all warm and motherly when I let myself look at it and really think.

Here is the song, if you haven't heard it.

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