Thursday, September 13, 2012


I found this list on my night table. I've thought about what her thought process must have been as she wrote it.
"So...I heard Mom and Dad say they need to go to the store. I should let them know what I would like them to get. Maybe they would buy me some cupcakes? Cupcakes aren't so big...they would probably go for cupcakes. ... If they'd go for cupcakes, then why not cake? Basically the same thing only bigger. And there is no way 1 cake is going to go far in this house...better ask for 3."
"They will probably go to Sam's. And you know what they have at Sam's? Trampolines. How hard would it be to just toss a tramp in the cart along with the cakes? And, the hot tubs are basically RIGHT THERE next to the trampolines...Mom and Dad would love a hot's really more for them, honestly..."
"Now, since I am going big here, I think I will put pool...but I need to be careful because Mom and Dad might not have the facts they need to make an informed purchase. I need to put 'huge'. If I don't put 'huge', let's just remember who we're talking about here...they could come home with anything. Some little dinky plastic thing with no room for me to swim underwater.
Yeah, huge. That ought to do it."


Bri Lamkin said...

Oh my gosh. Laughing so hard. I love that there is something crossed out between the u and b in tub. Also think it's so funny that the handwriting could have been any one of us kids at that age.

Vern said...

The real question is, did it work? I might have a list to put on your nightstand.

Buffy said...

I definitely think you should just get it all and watch her jaw drop. Only when it said tramp...I was totally not thinking "oline" I was thinking "lady and the".