Friday, March 23, 2012

a few random thoughts on a Friday night...

It's been a tough day. The good thing about having a tough day is knowing that it will end. That, and knowing that you can get through a tough day and it will be okay.

Heavenly Father sure does love us. I have been witness to His love and to His gentle way of blessing us even while allowing us to go through the difficult times of life. He won't take all the difficulty from us, because He knows it's what will teach and refine us, but he'll soften the blows so that we know we are not alone and can feel His love. I feel it.

Turns out, the Harry Potter books are quite good.

I miss Spencer. Just like trying to explain to a person who has never given birth what it feels like, I can't really describe what it feels like to send a child on a mission. If you've done it, you understand. It's wonderful, difficult, satisfying, gut wrenching, tender, faith building and faith shaking--all at the same time. It is one of my favorite words: bittersweet.

Friends are such a gift. It is just so good for your soul to spend time with people who know you well. Someone who you have inside jokes with, someone who remembers the embarrassing stuff you did when you were young, who knows what you looked like with braces. A night of laughter with friends can lift and strengthen and comfort.We are lucky, lucky, lucky to have friends to do that with.

Prayer changes things. I promise. Most importantly, prayer changes us--which is pretty much the point.

There are moments when we can be doing something that seems really simple, really small, and there will come the thought that what we are doing is NOT small but instead is actually really, really important and really, really matters. I love moments like that. I need to notice them more.

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