Monday, September 13, 2010

I do stuff, part 2

I never met a good idea that I didn't want to steal, so when I saw a young women's leader in another ward (congregation) make a treat for her girls with this attached poem, I totally knew I wanted to make them for ours.
I made homemade oreo cookies. over 80. Two things kept me from going completely insane while I made them. 1) I love those girls! and 2) 'Date Night' was on pay per view and kept me entertained while I baked and cooled and frosted.

So, I guess the girls have Steve Carell to thank for these.


Beth said...

Those were so cool. Megan loved hers, thanks for loving the girls so much.

Carly Richardson said...

I just realized that I always read your posts, and think comments in my head, but then I never actually comment. Sorry 'bout that =)

These are so cool. I wish I would've gotten something cool like these. I'll have to log that away for when I'm YW's prez.

happy mommy said...

Carly, you should. Because you will be. Please accept in advance my condolences.