Wednesday, August 04, 2010

solid evidence that facebook is not a tool of the Devil...

I had a really, really bad day on Tuesday. I'm not going to elaborate, because it'll just bring back painful memories and I am trying very hard to get out of the bitter barn and play in the hay.

Anyway, i updated my status on facebook to reflect said day of suckage, and guess what happened?


A very sweet, very funny, and entirely too busy to be worried about me woman came to my house and brought me Moose Tracks. EXTREME Moose Tracks, thank you very much.

And I do. Thank her. Very, very much.


Kristen said...

Just came across your blog about facebook and I sometimes wonder and believe it can at times go either way... depending on where I am at in my testimony..? GREAT POST! By the way...I am married to a man that defends the bad guys that your husband catches! ;-)
Another Mormon Mommy (convert) from Minnesota!

Jamie said...

So glad you have wonderful people to take care of you! Hope things are better and we love you!