Sunday, March 14, 2010

getting out of the bitter barn...

I had a rough week. Could you tell from my quote? Yeah. I'm transparent like that.

More root canals, more abscesses, more allergic reactions...same stuff, different year.

I am feeling better now! What an interesting thing it always is to good it feels to feel better. How much I take waking up pain free and full of energy for granted. Whenever I am sick or in pain, I always think, "What if I always felt this way?"

I am SO glad I don't have to know. So:

3 cheers for antibiotics! (specifically, the ones that do NOT make me break out in hives)

3 cheers for Percocet, Darvocet, and all the lovely "cets"!

3 cheers for the ability to chew!

And 3 cheers for The Hubby, who held it all together while I fell apart.

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Brittany said...

Boo! Hiss! Horrible! I didn't know, or I would have called and sympathized. Glad to hear things are on the up-and-up.