Sunday, January 10, 2010

books read, 2009

Here's the breakdown:

I read 43 books.

20 were biographies/autobiographies. I used the strictest criteria on this, meaning that if it was non-fiction about a person's life, I counted it as a biography. Some books could have really gone into "humor" or plain "non-fiction" because while they were real stories about a real person's life, they couldn't really be considered a definitive account of the person's entire life.

4 were non-fiction/educational. Which means I supposedly learned something from them. We'll just have to see about that.

10 were non-fiction/brain candy. This is what I call the category of books that really just let me
have a simple, enjoyable little read. I don't expect much from them, and so they never let me down. Like a Twix...only you don't have to brush your teeth afterward.

9 were just plain non-fiction. These are ones that while non-fiction, still would challenge me a bit as a reader.

Most favorite: I pick Three Cups of Tea. I read it early in the year, and still found myself considering the life and work of Greg Mortenson as the year went on. His passion and drive to educate the women of Pakistan and Afganistan is amazing. His conclusion that "if you educate women you can change a culture" resonates with me. Women have a role that is so much more than simply an equality with men...they are the primary educators of their children, and I felt like Greg Mortenson really understands that.

Least favorite: I hate to say this...but I have to go with The Lovely Bones. I absolutely loved Alice Sebold's writing, but I really thought that the ending turned the book into something it hadn't started out to be. It felt like the book had been building up to something completely different...and I felt kind of cheated.

What were the best books you read last year? Any suggestions for what I should read this year?


Beth said...

The Lovely Bones was kind of a disaster especially the parts that were like that movie Ghost. I spent way to much time munching on Twix books all year. I need to read some things that have meaning. Thanks for this post, it's definitely food for thought and reading.

Hillfivesome said...

1776 is what I am going to read after I finish Harry Potter #2. Yesterday in church they said that it was a wonderful book. SO today I head to the used book store and pick up my copy. There is another series I am hooked on by Alexander McCall Called the NO. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. He has ten other boooks that follow this first one about a lady detective in Africa. I love these books.

Kara said...

I love the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, too. Sweet funny and adventurous. I hated the Lovely Bones. Another bad one I read is "The Glass Castle." It was terrible.

As far as my favorites of the year-they were probably The Winged Watchman and another one called Twenty and Ten. They are both true stories of courageous children during World War Two. Quick reads and fascinating stories.

happy mommy said...

Emily and Kara: I have read 3 or 4 of the Ladies Detective Agency ones--thanks for the reminder, I enjoyed those.

Kara: I couldn't get past the first 45 pages of Glass Castle. Ugh.

Beth: I am with you on reading more things of substance this year. It wasn't until I added everything up and really looked at it that I realized how much candy I was really reading...

Kerri said...

They are teen books, but my daughter loved James Patterson's Maximum Ride novels. I think there are 3 or 4 of them now. I didn't read them (I could never in a million years stay caught up with her) but she talks to me about all her books and she loved these.

Buffy said...

You must read Mitten Strings for God and it's sequel The Gift of an Ordinary Day this year. I have them can borrow them. Non fiction, and so beautiful to just read slowly and savor.