Wednesday, May 20, 2009

on our 21st anniversary...

21 reasons I am so glad I married The Hubby:

1) the way he looks in uniform
2) that he dances shamelessly in front of his children
3) how no one works harder than that man
4) that he makes up words to songs and then sings them with such commitment
5) because when I say my head/back/whatever hurts, he goes and gets me medicine
6) he can fix--or build--just about anything. I dream it, he makes it happen.
7) he has never once given me a reason not to trust him
8) that in spite of the fact that he never plays it, he still thinks he might win the lottery
9) how he still calls me from work just to say "hi"
10) Brianne
11) Spencer
12) Connor
13) Emma
14) Walker
15) Marin
16) Cooper
17) the fact that he would welcome another child in a heartbeat
18) he mops the floor because he knows I hate to do it
19) how he always knows what movie or tv show I am quoting
20) did I mention the uniform? Army, law enforcement...doesn't matter which. Hotness.
21) he was crazy enough to marry me twice--once for life, and once for always


Christian said...

What a coincidence! I love Ed for the exact same reasons!

~pollyanna said...

I love this... I may have to steal it for later this year... maybe our anniversary...

The Secret Life of Bee said...

number four and number eight. bryce and i laughed way hard.

Beth said...

I am feeling the love.

Awesome Mom said...

Happy anniversary!

Becky said...

Happy Anniversary. 21 years is awesome.

Sari said...

I was telling my sister some of these amazing things that Ed does. I think you are pretty amazing yourself. You go well together.