Thursday, March 12, 2009

a conversation that has no chance of ending well...

Me: (yelling) 3 year old child? Where are you 3 year old child? Three year old child!!
3 year old child: (yelling) I downtairs.
Me: What are you doing?
3 year old child: I...uh...picking up.
Me: What? Why? What are you picking up?
3 year old child: Uh...ummm...nutting?
Me: (as I run down the stairs) Crap.


The Mom said...

LOL! I am dying to know what was being picked up!

Brittany said...

Knowing that three-year-old child, this is going to be GOOD.

Awesome Mom said...

I have had that exact conversation and it so did not end well.

Carly Noel said...

i think you weren't just saying "Crap," I think you were SEEING crap.