Tuesday, November 11, 2008

never mind Palin...

...here's why I'll never be vice-president.
[thanks, Andrew, for getting me thinking about it.]

*My children would totally give me up to the press as the nut job I am. Hubby could hold it in and speak only of my many saint-like qualities, but the kids...the kids would crack.
*Red and blue are not my colors. Can't wear those, can't be a lady in US politics.
*I tend to speak my mind without thinking first. I know, right?
*I'm a Mormon. Duh. If Mitt and his Kennedy-esque hair couldn't pull it off, then I sure as heck can't.
*Being the mom of many, I believe that a completely valid answer to many questions is: "Because I said so." Somehow, I don't think that would fly with the White House Press Corps.
*I would never wear a cheap $600 pair of earrings...oh, wait, that's why I'll never be First Lady. Nevertheless...I'd rather, oh, I don't know...feed my family for a month and a half.
*I have skeletons in my closet. I'm not saying it's a big closet, I mean, we're not talking a walk-in or anything...but it's there and there are bones in it.
*And speaking of skeletons...I once stole a candy bar from a grocery store. I still feel guilty about that, and I'm guessing that I couldn't pass a lie detector test because of it. What? You mean you don't have to pass a lie detector test to be elected into public office? Huh. That explains a lot.


~pollyanna said...

this... is...... great!!!

MKL said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Love it, Talitha :).

Living My Dream said...

Dang... that means I am out too huh???!!! Love ya! Kailee was just saying that we needed to go visit you before I get too fat! ;) She is even willing to pay for her own ticket so she must be serious!

Vern said...

Plus I think you can see Russia from your house.