Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just sit anywhere, for the love of Pete...

How come my kids wanna fight to the death over who gets to sit in certain places?

It's not like their dad and I model this behavior. They've never once seen me burst into tears because their Dad sat down at a particular chair at the dining room table. They haven't ever walked in on Dad and Mom pushing and shoving each other for a place on the couch. And I'm pretty sure their Dad hasn't ever thrown himself to the ground and kicked and screamed because Mom was riding shotgun.

And yet, here's an actual conversation:
"I call pistol!" (pistol is the seat behind shotgun. the fact that they've taken it upon themselves to name it that shows you just what kind of freaks we are dealing with)
"Too late!! I already called it!"
---weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth---
"No way!!! I was totally here by the door and I called it!!!!"
"Ahhhhhh, but see?? I called it first, IN MY MIND."


Awesome Mom said...

Rofl! Maybe assigned seating is in order.

The Big A said...

Dude, the kids have their own seats at the dinner table THAT ALWAYS STAY IN THE SAME SPOT and the wife and I always sit in the same place during breakfast and dinner (I sit across from Martha at breakfast and Cy at dinner) AND the kids have assigned plates, bowls and glasses. The kids' seats in the cars ALWAYS stay in the same place.

All of this because we got so sick of the BUT BUT BUT and I WANT I WANT I WANT.

I tried, in a very calm and adult way, to explain to them that all the hysterics over who had the COW GLASS and the THE OTHER GLASS was only make life predictable and boring but, alas, there was no reasoning with them.

Also: there's no calling "shotgun" in your head and not before the external door to the store or house has closed. There are rules, you know.

Dan & Sharon's Family said...

this totally cracks me up! Thanks for the giggle today. :)

Living My Dream said...

Have you been at my house recently or does this really happen at yours too???? :)

Miss you and hope you are doing great... despite the crazy kids!


"Vern" said...

ahhh, yes. the calling "in my mind" trick. awesome.