Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A few words to my 14 year old former self…

Finding someone to love you shouldn’t be the only thing you care about, it’d be better if you just learned to love yourself.
You really will regret waiting for everything to be perfect before you are willing to try things.
You’re not going to marry the leader singer of Duran Duran….sorry.
That body you hate? It’s beautiful. You’re gonna miss it.
What’s happening in your family doesn’t have anything to do with God.
In fact, God really isn’t any happier about what’s going on than you are.

Take better care of your teeth.
You think you are not having kids. Not only are you going to have kids, you’re going to have SEVEN. You heard me.
Give yourself, and everyone around you, a break.

You’re going to wish you’d been quiet a lot more than you’ll wish you’d been able to say everything you were thinking. Oh, boy are you going to wish that.
Life really can be full of wonderfulness. It’s okay to shake off the dust from the bad stuff and just be happy. And, yes, Miss Smarty Pants, ‘wonderfulness’ is so a word.

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Awesome Mom said...

That sounds a lot like what I would have said to myself at that age too. I am a YW leader now and it has been very eye opening how much I have changed in the few years it had been since I was that age.